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janeyB Premium British Knitwear
We at janeyB want to promote slow fashion and  help eradicate the damages to our environment that the fast fashion industry reaps on our planet. We want your janeyB to be a long term investment piece and not something you will discard next season
Therefore, we will try to make sure that your buying experience is the right experience and the best experience for you. 

  • We understand you might  like to feel the quality of the yarn or see the true colour of the material you're thinking of ordering your knit in, so we can send out samples of yarn out to you before you make your decision all you have to do is just ask. 
  • We can also talk you through the sizing process and make any slight adjustments you require. We can do this via our chat option or you can simply call us, we are more than happy to help.

Because we believe in sustainability and longevity of our knits; once you receive your janeyB knit, if anything happens to it that damages it or just reasonable and repairable wear and tear we will repair it for you. First we will assess it and then where possible repair it for, all you have to pay is the postage costs. If the repair involves a re-knit of a large area we may have to charge you for that but we will try to offer alternative repairs where possible, it will be your choice. 

This is our promise to you. 
email us at, use the chat icon at the bottom of the screen or call us on : 01785 211 722, Mobile: 0744 614 8063.