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janeyB Premium British Knitwear
Always read the wash care labels and follow the instructions carefully.
Basic Wash Care
Turn your janeyB inside out and hand wash in warm water. Use a detergent designed for wool, silk, cotton or cashmere. Never use a biological detergent. Help keep cashmere soft by adding a small amount of hair conditioner to the water. Soak for 10 to 15 minutes and then gently massage any stubborn marks. Rinse your janeyB thoroughly in fresh water, gently squeeze the excess water, never twist or wring your janeyB. Absolutely never tumble dry or hang your janeyB. Whilst wet re-shape and then place on a clean towel, on a flat surface to air-dry.

Storing your janeyB
To store your janeyB: wrap it in acid free tissue paper and keep in a clean dry area. Do not hang your as it will de-shape your garment and leave hanger marks in it. If you are worried by moths and the smell of moth balls try hanging a natural remedy of either rosemary, cloves or lavender in small muslin bags and place in your wardrobe.

A Small note on pilling
Some pilling will appear with soft yarns used to knit your item, for example cashmere. Rubbing together of the soft hairs within the yarn causes pilling. Pilling is the formation of tiny bobbles or pills. Pilling will only occur when you first wear your janeyB due to the high quality of the yarns used. Hand washing and a pilling comb should rid your item of these little pills, however use the comb sparingly and very gently so as not to damage or break the yarn.